Training Agreement Template South Africa

I understand that this training is granted to me under the following conditions: I, the undersigned, (Full name)…………………. You hereby confirm that XYZ (the company) has sponsored a training of the value of these Terms and that any document to which it is expressly referred constitutes the complete agreement between us regarding the purchase of training courses, training materials and documentation and replaces any prior agreement, agreement or agreement between us, whether oral or written. Obtaining legal agreements and contracts is generally considered costly, tedious, complicated and uncomfortable. Not anymore. Online agreements allow you to view your legal agreements online, make the desired changes and make your business contracts and operational documents operational as quickly as possible. This is a legal agreement between you (licensed or yourself) and [BSI South Africa Pty Ltd] (conedant or us) for the purchase of BSI training courses and training materials („training courses“ or „training materials“) containing printed materials and online documentation (documentation). Each combination of the above services, created in a series of training modules specifically designed for your own needs. We describe our products as: `Instructor Lead Training [ILT] Delegates must participate in a place where a course manager provides training – eLearning [online training] – Delegates can acquire an online training activity, Access and end of the online course – Distance Education – Delegates can book the product online – Through distance learning, BSI sends the delegate teaching materials for full payment A library of all documentation, fact sheets, forms, templates and articles available on our website to give professionals, managers and unions practical advice on various work and work-related topics. The world is constantly changing and changing, and with the advent of the Internet, the law is no longer just accessible to the lucky few. Online agreements allow you to manage your own legal affairs without having to consult expensive lawyers whenever you need a legal model. Our training professionals will be happy to discuss their needs None of us will have a „no“ to a false statement of the other, either orally or in writing, before the date of the conclusion of these terms (unless this false statement was made fraudulently) and the only remedy of the other party is the breach of contract, as provided for by these terms and conditions. (b) If, for some reason, I do not pass the course, write or fail to complete, the total cost of the subject/course will be reimbursed to the company for a period of no more than twelve months. If a provision of these conditions is found invalid or partially unenforceable by a competent authority, it does not affect the validity of the other provisions of these and other provisions of the provision in question.

Step 3 Personalize or modify it according to your personal or professional requirements… Participants can transfer their course registration up to 21 business days before the initial course date on another course. Once a delegate has transferred, no refund can be made for the cancellation of one of the two courses. There can only be one transfer by a delegate. Dated on

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