Sample Daycare Lease Agreement

Since laws vary from state to state, it`s a good idea to have the lease checked by a real estate lawyer in your state for potential problem areas. Many leases are written unilaterally in favour of the lessor and require the tenant to commit to any accidents that may occur on the ground, regardless of the cause. As a business owner, if you have good service providers to perform different aspects of real estate and building maintenance, a triple net lease can be helpful. Where we see problems is when the owners wait until they have a problem and contact the owner for help just to find out they are responsible. This further delays maintenance and can result in unnecessary property damage and insurance rights. Check your lease and consider renegotiating at the end of the contract to get a more traditional lease. You can pay more for the monthly rent, but if you apply the cost of insurance, maintenance and property taxes, you may find that you are moving forward. In addition, it is a good time to negotiate lease terms if the lessor submits a net triple lease before signing the paperwork. The landlord may be willing to take care of many maintenance items to encourage a new tenant to sign. Include the terms of the item maintenance work so that there are no more questions after the contract is signed.

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